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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Supreme Court Shows How Far We Have To Go...

There is an excellent editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer the summarizes the views of Supreme Court justices when they heard the case brought to them by various states (including Maine) and other organizations to require EPA to regulate CO2 emissions. See my 11/27 blog for more information about this important lawsuit.

The newspaper notes that the opinions of some of the justices are indicative of the opinions of many Americans. "Despite melting glaciers, rising sea levels, disappearing species, and volatile weather, many in America - beginning with President Bush - remain unconvinced. They insist on more conclusive evidence before curbing the greenhouse gases that scientists say are warming the Earth and causing the climate to change."

This is the challenge that we face. But, as each of us continue to make small changes every day - and slowly more and more people wake up to the risks - we will turn the tide. With or without the EPA and the federal government.

Spread the word!!! The more that we all talk about these issues and some of the solutions, the more likely we are to convince someone who is skeptical or doesn't believe that anything can be done.

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