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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Use Earth911 for Recycling Information

Have you ever wondered how you can recycle an old computer monitor or a milk jug of used motor oil from your do-it-yourself oil change? How about that paper bag that is full of old batteries? One of the problems that I have is knowing how to get rid of things that I know should not go into the regular trash. Do I just toss it in, or do I attempt to try to find out what to do with with it?

The folks at Earth 911 have designed a useful website to provide this information. Just enter in your zip code, choose "Reuse & Recycling Services" from the left menu, and you get a list of services. In the "Find Where To Recycle Specific Items" section, choose the category that you want to recycle and you get a list of nearby resources.

Using my zipcode in Kennebunk, ME, I chose "Used Motor Oil" and got a list that included Napa and Autozone stores mostly in NH and MA. Since there are closer stores, if I ever actually changed my own oil, I would call to find out if they also provide the service.

There is also a wealth of energy conservation, global warming, green purchases, etc. Check out this great resource!

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