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Monday, January 15, 2007

Exxon Mobil Changes Stance About Global Warming

An article in the Pittsburgh (PA) Post-Gazette entitled "Exxon Mobil softens its climate-change stance" reports that the world's largest oil company is starting to accept that (1) global warming is real and (2) limits on carbon emissions are likely to be coming from the US government in the near future. Rather than argue against the theory that humans are contributing to global warming, they are starting to try to shape the form that regulations might take.

Kenneth Cohen, VP of Public Relations, says, "[W]e know enough now -- or, society knows enough now -- that the risk is serious and action should be taken."

This is a good sign. The tide is turning. The debate is changing from whether human-influenced global warming is fact or fiction to how best to approach the problems of global warming and climate change. As that debate moves forward, there will be heavy lobbying from all sides. We need to communicate with our elected officials to be sure that the actions taken in Washington will represent the types of reform that we need.

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